Love in the Time of Coronavirus

When straight-A overachiever Fiona Skye is sent home from Harvard because of a global pandemic, she’s pretty sure things can’t get any worse. But she’s immediately proven wrong when her high school arch-nemesis, Tucker Morris, asks for a ride. The long drive to Vermont can’t possibly go by fast enough.

Except that she kind of wants it to go on forever.

Stuck at home with nothing to do but watch reruns and suffer through boring virtual classes, Fiona finds herself drawn into Tucker’s life. But the pandemic isn’t the only issue 2020 will throw at them, and the old habits of their rivalry aren’t going down without a fight. Can Fiona and Tucker put aside their differences and realize that they might actually be perfect for each other? Will their love survive the strain of lockdown?

Find out in this first installment of…

The Quarantine Series.

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Covid Hearts

Holly Prince is a rebel. She hates injustice, capitalism, the patriarchy, and anything remotely resembling authority.

But even she can’t fight the global pandemic that brings her first year of college to a screeching halt.

Trapped in the empty dorms of Harvard University, Holly’s absolutely sure she’s going to go insane. But relief comes in the shape of the sweet, sexy Chinese student down the hall who refused to go home for fear of losing his chance at an American education. At first Duan is nothing but a fun nighttime distraction.

But when a ghost from her troubled past appears, Duan will become far more than that.

Will Holly be able to accept the kind of love she’s never known? Will their romance survive the roiling post-pandemic world?

Find out in the second installment of…

The Quarantine Series.

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Viral Nation

Jodi Elliott wasn’t trying to get famous. All she wanted was to write a song about the horrible pandemic ripping through the world.

But when her music video is shared by Oprah, Jodi’s life is turned upside-down.

Thrown into the strange world of social media stardom, Jodi discovers a whole new side of Seattle: TikTok mansions, Big Tech parties, and the adorably troublesome Prashant Patel, who anoints himself as her sexy celebrity guide.

But sudden stardom is harder than she expected, and even her bubbling chemistry with Prashant might not be enough to keep the mounting pressures at bay…

Join Prashant and Jodi in the heartwarming conclusion to…

The Quarantine Series.

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The Stars and Stripes Between Us

When progressive, bisexual MIT junior Nathan Campbell meets Marina Salinas on the hockey rink, he’s immediately smitten. She’s gorgeous, smart, funny, competitive. There’s only one problem.

She’s a Republican.

Unable to resist each other, Nate and Marina begin to date in secret, sneaking around Boston to explore what they both know is a really bad idea.

But beyond the bubble of their growing affection, tensions on campus are rising. When Nate’s roommate tries to get Marina’s friend expelled for hate-speech, they’ll both be forced to pick sides.

Can their spark survive the storms of political division?

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Hard-hitting, fearless, and maybe a little pretentious, this poetry collection was created to deal with the chaotic noise of our modern world, covering everything from social media to politics to being an artist in 2020.